Chine McDonald, professional Christian

The war for the independence of Biafra resulted in the death of millions of its citizens through starvation and other unimaginable horrors.

This reminds me of the Christian Eucharist.

5 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. Why invoke god at all? What ever god is?

    There is huge diversity in the multifarious notions and definitions of god. And that diversity ranges across the full spectrum of human imagination, credibility and invention. But I can tell you what god does not do. God does not interfere to stop hostilities. If you claim god does do so then you have to answer the question why did god allow the development of the cicumstances leading to war in the very first place or did not stay the hands of those who initiated the violence.

    It is nonsense to claim that God is the germolene healing the wounds of violent conflict. And it is shameful, plain wrong and deeply disrespectful of Chine to say so.

    It is competition for resources and power, tribalism (include religions here), human falibility and human propensity for violence that lead to deadly conflict. Traditionally it is the defeat or eradication of one of the conflicting parties that ends it. In these modern times though humantarian and diplomatic agencies, representing the better side of human nature, and political force (backed up with military and economic threats) that bring conflicts to temporary and usually unstable suspension.

    Frankly, I can’t see an end to wars and violence. Even after the horrors of WW1 and WW2 and all the subsequent bloody conflicts there are still countries that allow themselves to be run by people like Trump, Putin, Ali Khamenei, Bashar al-Assad et al. With such people in power peace can never be other that an unstable and temporary condition.

    So Chine can go and pray for peace and reconciliation if she wants to but it will do her nor anyone else no good at all because there is no evidence that her god has ever intervened on behalf of peace.

    There is actually no evidence for god in any form other than an irrational, unfounded, disabling concept firmly lodged in the minds of those infected so as to be either helpless sycophants or exploitative, power hungry, amoral, bullying, devious, control freaks.


  2. Peacemaking and reconciliation is hard work. Quite often it’s not very successful. If the IMF existed, and wanted to help, it could easily do something to improve the success rate. So we draw the obvious conclusion.

    O/T, but did anyone see the first part of ‘Exposed: The Church’s Darkest Secret’ on BBC2 yesterday? It’s a detailed account of the Peter Ball scandal, which has done so much damage to the reputation of the CofE, and continues to do so. I missed the first half-hour (choir practice), but will be catching up later. Part 2 is on tonight at 9pm.

    This programme alone should go some way towards countering the BBC’s ‘Year of Beliefs’ of 2019, which treated religion in a completely uncritical and sycophantic manner and succeeded in inserting religious themes into far too much of its output. I hope ‘Exposed’ gets the wide publicity it deserves.


    1. Do you think that The Arch of Cant sat down to watch it with Chine his personal chaplain. I think that it is possible that he did but I would think it a good bet that he was given a previewing of it and was probably consulted throughout its production too. And rather than focus on the terrible Nigerian Civil war do you not think Chine should have lectured to us about the lessons the CoE has learned from its protection of the sex offending Bishop and other CoE clerics like him.

      I wonder if QEII saw it and what she thought of it? Just think about that. She is a 93 year old woman having put up with the shenanegins and press coverage of the marital failures of her children, now faced with a husband nearing the end, she herself with at most a decade left on the clock, the prospect of succession by a rather unpopular and ineffectual weakling, Andrew’s besotted and nefarious dealings with the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Harry and Mehgan’s defection, the prospect of an independent Scotland and all the constitutional complications and renewed interest in the child abuse of church of which she is head.

      God does not appear to be on her side Chine.


    2. Just watched Part 2. Quite apart from providing even more evidence about what a disgusting individual Peter Ball was, it showed just how far the CofE was prepared to lie, intimidate and close ranks to protect one of its own. One of the victims described it as ‘a cold institution of powerful men’ and ‘a cold machine, gunmetal grey’. Although there was ample evidence to charge Ball with serious sexual offences, in the end he was only charged with ‘misconduct in a public office’.

      In any rational society, this ought to be devastating for the CofE. It has systematically lied and lied again about the prevalence of child abuse within its ranks, and has protected its own senior hierarchy while vilifying their victims. No doubt it will continue to try to do so. I hope that those who have got used to holding it to account on this issue will find ways of doing so on others.

      Big-Ears doesn’t come out of it too well, either.

      An afterthought: this programme appeared pretty soon after the end of 2019. Could it be that it is a riposte by some of those in the Beeb who are fed up with having to make nice to religion throughout the past year?


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