Rev Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields

You can choose what to buy on Black Friday.
You can choose who to vote for in the election.
This is exactly the same as Jesus choosing you.

Oh, yes, Jesus. I wasn’t going to mention him, but now that the topic’s come up…

9 thoughts on “Rev Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields

  1. Despite this TFTD being a rambling mess, Wells, against the odds, planted a seed of thought and actually presented, albeit unconciously, a deep scientific truth.

    Wells says when faced with a knotty problem of choice, such as ‘should I cloose that jam doughnut or the vanilla slice’, all you have to do is as ask your self “To whom do I belong”. And Lo the answer will come to you. This is is wholly contrary to the notion of Free Will, upon which christian faith depends.

    Letting god choose for you is nothing more than what actually goes on in your head, which is that your unconcious self, your subconcious mind, has chosen the doughnut before you actually become consiously aware of the fact. The subconcious mind, the thing that Wells mistakes for god, makes the choice automatically. And seconds later you get the illusion that you chose the doughnut because there was a fly on the vanilla slice.

    There is extensive experimental proof for this. Jerry Coyne explains it nicely here:-

    So well done Wells but think of god as your unconcious mind.

    And wouldnt it be great if people like Jerry Coyne was qualified to present TFTD.

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  2. What a bizarre confusion of a TFTD.
    Are all our decisions made for us by Wells’ IMF? I’d be impressed if his IMF informed him of my decision as to which candidate will receive my vote on 12th December.
    Presumably we also make wrong suggestions so are they due to devils, malicious fairies, etc?
    Most importantly, how are we supposed to tell the difference? There’s no reliable method to distinguish an IMF’s ‘voice’s from anything else so we should lead IMFless lives until it proves worthy of our consideration. This will frustrate Wells & co but such are the problems of having imaginary friends.
    Does Wells advocate Calvinism (whatever an IMF has decided for you)? This would be surprising in the CofE though maybe anything goes when trying to make sense of a nonsensical concept.


  3. Sam Wells just makes it up as he goes along. You don’t “choose” to be a god-botherer, God “chooses” you. So that’s free will out the window, as Rob cogently points out. And what if God hasn’t “chosen” you? Outer darkness, wailing and gnashing of teeth, eternal fire, etc, even though it’s nothing to do with anything you’ve done? That’s not theocracy; that’s psychopathy.

    Rob’s suggestion of Jerry Coyne for TftD is a great one. He would be joining a very long list of original thinkers who could make a far better fist of the slot than any of the current denizens!


    1. Would be interesting to see who people on here think would make good TftD speakers if the ‘religious-only’ rule was lifted.

      Two which immediately occur:
      Richard Dawkins
      Peter Tatchell

      Both of whom would doubtless have something far more interesting to say than most of the current dreary TftD Speakers.


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