The Ex-Big Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, Baron Aldgate

A black person, being racist, has shouted abuse at a Jewish family because he thought it was the Invisible Magic Friend’s will.

This is not the Invisible Magic Friend’s will, as a person from another religion, different from the abuser’s religion and my religion and the religion of the victims, made clear.

The Invisible Magic Friend has always made clear his absolute, unconditional tolerance of wrong religions. The black, racist, person has completely misunderstood all the bits in his Big Book of Magic Stuff that, in the minds’ of the ill informed, appear to tell you to be less than charitable to wrong religions.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that people are still being racist in a religious sectarian sort of way. I mean, where did this come from?

The Big Book of Magic Stuff says no to religious intolerance, I mean racism. As can clearly be heard in videos of the encounter, “the next station is Mornington Crescent.”

8 thoughts on “The Ex-Big Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, Baron Aldgate

  1. “As can clearly be heard in videos of the encounter, “the next station is Mornington Crescent.”” LOL!!


  2. Religions create divisions and distrust and conflict between its myriad and mutually blasphemous variants. They create conflict where there should be none. Religious groups are esentially nothing more than gangs that are hostile to each other and parasitic upon those they ensnare.


  3. Could a series of myths created to make certain tribes look favoured by a god over surrounding ones be called racist ? I think it probably could. Did I miss the bit where Sacks admited his own theology isn’t exactly blameless here? I think I did.


  4. Delicious summary, Rev Peter.
    No one would imagine that the abuser was a secular humanist because that simply wouldn’t make sense.
    But a religionist from a different tribe (quoting a shared BBoMS – “it’s god’s word”) is easy to believe because, er, it’s in the Book (which is not the same BBoMS as followed by the brave, conscientious woman on the train).

    I had the great pleasure of attending the recording of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ recently. ‘Mornington Crescent’ was a highlight (natch) but so was everything else. I was shocked, though, to learn that Samantha & Sven are imaginary friends – in fact I was so shocked that I refuse to believe it & am determined to study ways to make them real again.


  5. When I heard Sacks using this story on the God Slot I couldn’t believe it. I have been telling everyone about it for the last week as an example of how we need to rid ourselves of all of the one-true-religionist’s ideas. The story has everything that would lead you to think that all religions are ludicrous – a black man trying to explain his Christian beliefs by reading chosen parts of his BBoMS to harangue someone from another religion which thinks that its people are the one true god’s one true chosen people and who think that male genital mutilation is OK. The haranguer is then told not to be so rude by a sensible women whose religion thinks it is OK to make women cover themselves (but not their men) and who also think male genital mutilation is OK, and who also think that it is OK to picket schools who are trying to introduce sensible secular education.
    A brilliant example of modern Britain. No wonder people are confused.


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