2 thoughts on “Brian Draper, in Southampton, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

  1. …and the conclusion is… [come on, Brian, you’re nearly there]
    He tells us that belief can be more important than the accuracy of that belief yet he’s unable to apply that to his Invisible Magic Friend – or maybe he didn’t mean anything he said but someone challenged him (& he had to say ‘yes’) to presenting a TFTD full of own goals.


  2. Bit late to the game this weekend, and not able to add much to DD’s comment. If Brian Draper really has to exhort his flock to imagine what it would be like if his IMF actually existed, his mission is seriously in the mire.

    If one is talking to a confirmed believer, it can be revealing to turn Brian’s hypothetical around and ask them how they think the universe, or indeed just the Earth, would be any different if their IMF didn’t exist; and what evidence they might have for their conclusion. Most of them struggle to come up with anything.


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