Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

Climate change: Jesus says reduce your carbon footprint. Or at least he would have if only he’d known about it, which I’m sure he did.

4 thoughts on “Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham

  1. “We need to tackle climate change to save humanity and the planet.

    My omnipotent. omniscient, omnibenevolent IMF has a divine hand in things.

    Yes, you’re thinking, wait a minute David, doesn’t point 2 beg the question why point 1 is necessary? Well, you might be thinking that, but that doesn’t mean I am”


    1. Ahh but…

      The IMF is responsible only for the beneficial things — any bad things are down to wilful sinners.

      Credit theft and blame shifting are typical behaviours of politicians, senior managers and other sociopaths.

      For the IMF to achieve this by proxy – and even where it is recognise it is lauded rather than despised — is a measure of how contorted the rationalisations of the various organised religions have become.


  2. From ‘a faith perspective’, you might argue; demons are causing climate change so prayers are necessary for an IMF to intervene; or unruly children should be punished harshly for their disobedience (then forced to pray for intervention); or climate change is part of an IMF’s grand plan so watch & enjoy; or JC’s finally going to fulfil his promise to return; etc.
    It’s hard to argue, though, from ‘a faith perspective’, that we need to think about these things and listen to concerned children and find our own solutions to real problems which threaten the entire planet. These would be secular arguments – no IMF(s) needed.


  3. Strange how he commended Greta & Co for protesting about the mess that older generations have got us into, and then quoted JC to the effect that we need to become like little children in order to get into heaven – ie, to believe everything we’re told and not to question anything.

    Or, rather, not strange.

    Oh, and “God is at work in the world”, is he? Any evidence for that? And how would a world in which God wasn’t at work look any different?


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