5 thoughts on “Staggeringly Revd Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds, West Yorkshire, the Dales and any other bits that can’t afford their own bishop any more

  1. “ ‘And did those feet in ancient times…’ Powerful stuff from William Blake, but look, it didn’t happen of course, that would be ridiculous. Everything in the New Tasty Mint clearly isn’t though, it completely credible beyond any question and definitely happened..etc”


  2. William Blake was a devout Christian, but he disliked organised religion and was profoundly anti-clerical. He had a loathing for the Anglican Church with its championing of privilege and the class system and its repressive sexual morality. His poem ‘The Garden of Love’ is a good example of his feelings regarding the Church.

    I went to the Garden of Love
    And saw what I never had seen
    A Chapel was built in the midst
    Where I used to play on the green

    And the gates of this Chapel were shut
    And “Thou shalt not,” writ over the door
    So I turned to the Garden of Love
    That so many sweet flowers bore

    And I saw it was filled with graves
    And tombstones where flowers should be
    And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds
    And binding with briars my joys and desires.

    As far as the ‘dark satanic mills’ are concerned, many scholars have suggested that these refer to churches and/or the established Church of England rather than the buildings of the early Industrial Revolution.


  3. One thing about Jerusalem is that the melody has the kind of cadence that makes it easy to fit the lyrics of pop songs to it. You might have to cheat a little.

    And in the town where I was born,
    There lived a man who sailed the seas,
    A-and he told us of his life,
    In the land of submarines…

    The tune of Bread of Heaven is even better.


    1. Thanks Stoneyground – that’s stuck in my head now 🙂

      We’ve got ‘Mornington Crescent’ and now ‘One Song to the Tune of Another’ — this is becoming more like “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue” each day; mind you several TFTDs themselves will fit into “word for word” (where there has to be no link between successive words) already.


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