8 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. Yes, indeed – Christianity, the faith that embraces ‘the other.’

    Hard, then, for Chine to explain away two millennia of religious imperialism and colonialism – the Crusades, the Conquistadors, prayers for the Conversion of the Jews, Christian missionaries trampling all over the ‘heathen’ traditions of China, India, Africa – everywhere, in fact. Not to mention all the internecine conflicts – Huguenots, Coptics etc etc etc. Yes, it’s been one long history of acceptance, understanding, and tolerance. Not.

    Strange too that Chine, a Nigerian, apparently has no awareness of how devisive and destructive the advent of Christianity has been to her own land.


  2. The wilful ignorance of this woman is so profound it’s almost impressive. But then, as Ben Goldacre wrote, “You can’t reason people out of positions they didn’t reason themselves into”.


  3. “To welcome all strangers” is a secular humanist declaration. It is most assuredly not a christian one nor is it a remit of any other religion. Religions divide and set sect against sect.

    All religions are drivers of distrust, hate, strife and dishonesty … without exception. But the pious will always insist otherwise.

    Chine is either an abject fool or a specious liar, or maybe even both, to assert otherwise.


  4. It’s possible Chine’s re-imagined version of Christianity takes precedence over her BBoMS (& its tales of the murderous, petty, pre-JC IMF) because she has a hot-line to JC which means she can ignore all the bad stuff.
    She might really believe this.
    And she might even be correct.
    But, however much she wishes otherwise, she can’t simply discard the appalling anti-human tosh… what am I saying? – of course she can – bunging away the nasty bits & shamelessly promoting a personal preference has been the habit of religionists for centuries.


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