From Norwich, it’s the bishop of the week, Fantastically Reverend Graham James, Lord Bishop of Norwich

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective: the prorogation of parliament. What does Jesus have to say about the prorogation of parliament? Should parliament be prorogued without its consent? Is it right to do so using the ancient powers of a monarch? Should parliament always sit at a time of national crisis?

All this and more will be revealed once I’ve finished talking about something completely unrelated.


4 thoughts on “From Norwich, it’s the bishop of the week, Fantastically Reverend Graham James, Lord Bishop of Norwich

  1. 6 seconds on the major story . Enough to say he’d referred to it ,then off on a TftD tangent. If he thinks it’s too sensitive, too complex for TftD, fine, though it’s never seemed to stopp any of them trying before. If he thinks his church should stay out of it, I’d agree. But why, then, mention it at all?


  2. And once he’d gone off on his tangent, what was the point of it? By the end I had no idea whether he thought burying things out of fear, or to avoid an argument, or out of personal embarrassment, was good, bad, or simply an understandable human action.

    During those first few seconds, I was expecting him to go on and say something about the AB of Cant being asked to sort Brexit out by chairing an ecumenical sort of coffee-morning in Coventry Cathedral. That would almost certainly have been cliché’d, but at least it would have been vaguely relevant.


  3. Being an old git I actually get the reference to Sale Of The Century in the OP. I am curious to know who else does.

    TftD has recently featured lots of desperate attempts to pretend that religion is relevant with regard to various current issues. We should be encouraged by the fact that they have achieved the opposite effect to the one intended.


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