6 thoughts on “Petition: Do not prorogue Parliament

  1. A Parliament unduly influenced by sore-loser Remoaners has kicked the can down the road for three years, trying to “prorogue” the expressed majority will of the British People.

    Sauce for the goose ……….


    1. the expressed majority will of SOME OF the British People — fixed it for you

      see the breakdown shown in:


      Also people were promised whole range of things including “the easiest deal ever” and continued access to the single market. I suspect that many who voted to leave bought into this rather than a no-deal solution.

      Consider if it had gone the other way: would the leavers have accepted “you lost get over it” if a small win led to full Eurozone integration, full Schengen implementation, removal of vetoes … because “remain meant remain” and an absolute federalist approach was what the majority voted for?

      The only sensible way forward is for the government to say “now we have a clearer picture of the consequences of Brexit, let’s put it to the people again” — after all, if Brexit’s such a good idea the leavers would win again and confirm their position so they’ve nothing to lose have they? Or is it a case of fearing “we won’t get fooled again” ?


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