4 thoughts on “Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

  1. Well, I guess we shouldn’t leave Rob Brydon – sorry, the Rev Roy Jenkins – uncommented on.

    Smells, eh? Love them or hate them, we can’t escape them. Some people live in places like Garbage City in Cairo, which pongs to high heaven. And they’re quite poor as well. But never mind, they’re Christians, so they get a day off once a week to worship their Coptic God. And even if they stay poor and downtrodden all their lives, their Coptic God will make sure they enjoy eternal bliss in high heaven in the life hereafter.

    Won’t he?


  2. Dammit. Now I won’t be able to listen to this reverend gentleman again without having the image of Rob Brydon come into my head. Some weeks ago, someone – it may even have been StephenJP himself – noted that the transcripts of TfTD are no longer being published on the BBC website. Although it used to take a few days for them to appear, that service did at least have the merit of being free from the speaker’s voice, with all its rhetorical effect – or annoying effect, as the case may be.

    As to the Coptic Christians, we were not told the reason for their existence in such malodorous circumstances. Presumably, it’s because they are not Muslim. Religiious prejudice again.


  3. Not me, guv. It was probably the Rev Dr Dr Peter, whose knowledge of TftD is unparalleled. But I agree that it would be nice to have access again to the thoughts, such as they are, of TftD speakers in cold print, so that we can contemplate their profundities, or otherwise, at our leisure.


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