3 thoughts on “Dim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

  1. When I saw the headlines “Old Book May Interest Someone”, I knew Dim would pounce on this news and comment on it from his faith persp…
    Erm, no, not at all. It must have difficult for the Beeb to recommend an RCC-related subject (PELL???!!!) for Dim today so he was free to ignore TFTD’s remit.


  2. Tim Stanley is an intelligent, educated, astute, insightful commentator – as long as the subject bears no relation to his piety. Because, when it does, as on TftD, the contrast is pretty staggering; a kind of bizarre, blinkered compartmentalism that our friend David Wilkinson would be proud of.


  3. Good job the news about Cardinal Pell losing his appeal against his conviction for child sex offences came through after Dim had written his speechette for this mornings TftD. Otherwise he’d have had to make some reference to it, maybe even an apology, just as all the other Catholic speakers do all the time.

    Wouldn’t he?


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