Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

Facial recognition software is spying on you everywhere. It’s analysing our movements, our emotions, even our thoughts. It’s almost as good as the Invisible Magic Friend.

St.Paul mentioned faces. Christianity’s just so relevant, isn’t it.

6 thoughts on “Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly, handy for Fortnum and Mason

  1. When I was a kid I had a very religious aunty. For whatever reason her kids were taken into care for a while. Rumour was that they were too scared to go to sleep because she’d convinced them that God/Baby Jesus was looking at them all the time, even in the dark.


  2. So what was her point? That God is watching us all the time – indeed he knows us better than we do ourselves – so we ought to have got used to it by now and it’s obviously a Good Thing? And maybe that we should stop worrying about facial recognition software as well?

    The thought of being spied on by a celestial Mrs Grundy, ready to punish us for the least thought or deed of disobedience, is one of many factors that have turned people off religion altogether, and which still cause real psychological damage to those who have not managed to break free. Lucy Winkett tells us (on what authority I am not sure) that “being seen is a profound human need”; but this is true only if if we have some control over who sees us and when. The unfettered use of facial recognition software denies us this right, just as much as does Winkett’s control-freak God.


  3. Does Winkett believe Adam & Eve used fig leaves to hide their faces? If so, maybe she read this TFTD with pants on her head.


  4. I have just got back from a walk to the church atop Napton Hill. Two years ago I did the same and whilst there I wrote in the visitors book thus … “beautiful building, beautiful location but horrid dogma. When I checked the book today I found that my entry had been redacted very skilfully. There was no trace of it. Some one had gone to a lot of trouble to remove it without any residue or impression. So I duplicated it today and waved at the security camera upon exit. I wonder if they have facial recognition so as to identify me and report my sinful entry to god and if yes I have to ask myself why don’t they trust god to identify me by himself and enter my sin on the wrong side of my ledger.

    Yesterday whilst cruising on my boat alone the canal in Napton there where no free mooring spaces. I noted that one of the spaces was occupied by a boat belonging to the Waterways Christian Ministries. I said out loud that if there was true christians aboard then they should cast off and gift the mooring to me. On hour later after mooring in one of the lock pounds the said Christian Ministries boat glided past. Divine intervention? Some would say so. Not I.


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