Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

Young people are great. I know this because Jesus says so. Saving the planet, fighting for education, saving up to buy the Big Book of Magic Stuff.

3 thoughts on “Rev Roy Jenkins, Baptist Minister in Cardiff

  1. 10/10 for predictably. Not only the “Christians should be like children ” bible quote, but also an interpretation that suits his current case. The single- minded determination for change is unlikely to be what the writer had in Jesus’ mind.

    And Mary Jones ” arguably one if the most inflential people Wales has produced. “Hang on to that ” arguably” ,Dave.


  2. Why did I say Dave? Must be getting him mixed up with a certain Bishop of Durham, who may or may not have believed in God.


  3. ‘Nothing of any import in the news today (apart from moves to form an interim government and prevent a no agreement exit from the EU… oh, and a murdered policeman), so I’m going to talk about some other people’s achievements and then leech onto them in order to big-up my religion and throw in a Jesus quote.

    I can produce a parallel act from my religion, though, and one by a young girl. It is from 200 years ago, but hey, it’s a good one. Mary Jones’s desire led to the forming of the Bible Society, which has ever since distributed Bibles all over the world, especially to lots of heathens in developing countries who were following wrong religions. The British and Foreign Bible Society has helped destroy so much of the culture of these heathens… and now they all know about the wonderful Lord Jesus.’

    Perhaps we should be thankful that Jenkins DIDN’T go with the murder of PC Andrew Harper; I doubt he would have offered more than the usual ‘thoughts and prayers’ platitudes.


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