11 thoughts on “Dim Stanley, blogger, journalist, historian and Catholic

  1. Why not save the planet by limiting the population by allowing contraception? Oh sorry, my mistake, banning contraception does limit the population because of the high mortality rate of the AIDs epidemic in many parts of the world.

    I was recently reading about some cases of child rape by priests in Australia. Thats bad enough but the rcc employed the same psychoanalysts to assess the child victims and their rapists. Of course the information extracted from the victims was used to undermine the cases against the priests and drastically mitigate their sentences. That is so evil that it defies classification.


  2. “I can’t eat meat on a Friday, because Jesus died on a Friday..”

    Thanks Tim, for that particular gem amongst a perfect summary of why apostates like me left the batsh!ttery that is Catholicism.


  3. “Those who give up animal products often say it is for the cultivation of their own virtue”. Holy virtue-signalling: RC dogma in a nutshell.

    Incidentally, three of the last five TftD speakers have been professional Catholics. It’s getting a bit tedious. I almost miss Vishvapani, who at least provides some light relief. Almost.


  4. “Religious fasting compels us… to look inwards and upwards…”

    Inwards presumably means taking a look at oneself – lit. ‘Introspection.’ No fasting required to facilitate that; I often weigh up what’s going on in my life whilst sitting on the ‘bus.

    But ‘upwards’? Dim has given himself away there, with an easy slip back into imbecility, acknowledging that he still believes his IMF to be ‘up there,’ wherever ‘up there’ might be. Delusional stuff.

    I can’t see why Catholics don’t give up eating entirely on Fridays, or at least till dusk – like the Muslims in Ramadan. Where is the virtue in avoiding meat one day a week, when a hearty tuna steak is just as tasty and fulfilling (or indeed haddock, chips, and mushy peas)? Still ‘legal’ according to the zany RC rules, it doesn’t seem to me that much of a sacrifice is being made. I wonder what evidence there is of the effects of this self-denial. It would be interesting to see some statistics indicating how much more virtuous religious communities (those monks and nuns), clergy and lay parishioners have become, how much more self-aware or God-aware they get, through Friday fasting. Evidently years of habitual carnal self-denial on the part of many RC clergy didn’t apply to their sexual appetite for vulnerable young people within their church.


  5. I seem to recall that Catholics have been known to classify aquatic mammals and waterfowl as fish to get around the Friday no meat rule. It reminds me of the time when The Davinci Code was bringing attention the bizarre practices of the Opus Dei crowd, whipping themselves and clamping spiky strappy things onto their legs.


  6. “Evidently years of habitual carnal self-denial on the part of many RC clergy didn’t apply to their sexual appetite for vulnerable young people within their church.”

    That’s it , isn’t it? If no meat Fridays are so virtuous , you’d think the paragon of virtue would be a certain region of Rome-how’s that working out? Similarly there’s not much evidence that avoiding meat has led the Vatican kleptocracy to prefer Stanley’s simple pleasures over opulence, probably because I doubt if too many actually believe the propaganda so greedily gobbled up by the likes of Stanley. I think Stanley has mixed up virtue and self-righteousness. Public acts of self-denial are more likely to be in the latter category


  7. Surely if Dim fancies meat on a Friday he can simply take communion where the wafer will magically transform into to the flesh of christ. Problem solved.


  8. In my experience catholics do as they please and then set it all right in the confessional. A few mutterings and a bit of bead twiddling is a small sacrifice for the enjoyment of sinful misdeeds.


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