8 thoughts on “Tina Beattie, Professor of being Catholic

  1. I am almost at a loss for words for this one. Maybe I’m suffering from some kind of delayed sun stroke (I’ve been away on a very hot Greek island) but did I really hear a professional Catholic denounce as an evil monster a repeat sex offender who oversaw a high-level cabal of other vile miscreants, with absolutely no acknowledgement that her own organisation has been culpable of pretty much the same crimes – and worse – for decades on a global scale?

    Did I really hear Tina Beattie say the only ultimate arbiter as to the serving of justice is a supernatural deity, who will assign due punishment after the perpetrators are dead…?

    Sorry, but what the actual f–k…???!!! Utter disgraceful, nasty, sickening batsh!ttery that plumbs new depths for TftD, and that really is some feat.

    Tina Beattie – for shame; this was truly despicable. People in stained glass houses should not throw stones.


  2. Matt, yes, I’m afraid you did. I too could hardly believe my ears. But we must believe that she actually thinks that what she was saying is true.

    All definitions of “truth” are open to argument, but the simplest is “correspondence with the facts”. On that definition the entire content of this morning’s offering was completely untrue. But even Tina Beattie must have dimly understood, at some level, the sheer hypocrisy of denouncing Jeffrey Epstein without acknowledging the much greater crimes committed by her own church. Talk about mote and beam!


    1. Agree with the comments here.

      ” …the sheer hypocrisy of denouncing Jeffrey Epstein without acknowledging the much greater crimes committed by her own church. Talk about mote and beam!”

      I can’t find it online and a rapid replay of the episodes isn’t possible when relying on subtitiles so this is from my imperfect memory but… ***

      There was a line spoken by Saga Noren in series 3 of The Bridge which I thought was brilliant at the time and most appropriate here regarding the RCC; Saga said it to a rather boastful colleague.

      “Your self image may not match with reality”

      This sums up TFTD speakers in general but particularly in this egregious offering.

      *** Sorry about emulating AAA with quotations but a 21st century drama seems more relevant than most of the other stuff spouted on TFTD — especially one which was so well written and acted


  3. Same feelings as above from me. I too really wondered if I was hearing her right. It was made all the worse that this vile piece of diversion from the vile acts of her vile church, was delivered by one who likes, when it suits , to portray herself as one of the Catholic Awkward Squad, speaking unwelcome “truth to power.” As repulsive a TftD as I can remember.


  4. When you believe that the best answer to “what is truth?” is silence, what won’t you believe?
    Yes, as above, Beattie displays a shocking lack of awareness – or, given the disgusting unwillingness of the RCC to be honest about its collusion with child-raping clergy, maybe she’s merely toeing the party line.
    She merrily blathers that justice will be done by her Invisible Magic Friend but her idea of ‘justice’ has no connection to moral accountability in the real world. Won’t her capricious IMF forgive & reward child-rapists if they’re really, really sorry? And won’t their victims be punished for leaving the RCC?
    Shame on you, Beattie.
    PS thanks, Beeb, for not rigorously editing this TFTD thus exposing the twisted beliefs of a professional Catholic.


  5. This shameful and offensive offering has been well nailed above. Quite apart from the appalling hypocrisy, all I understood her to say was, “worry not if wrongdoers don’t get tried, convicted, sentenced and punished in this world, they’ll really cop for it when my IMF catches up with them on Judgement Day.” Such a sentiment, whilst totally fictional, is also utterly lunatic. And what about the likes of Pol Pot and other offenders not of her brand of religion?


  6. This TFTD was a disgrace. Beattie needs to be censured for transmitting such hideously immoral lies. And shame on the BBC for allowing her to do so. I am regularly assured by BBC Complaints dept that all TFTD scrips are thoroughly edited by experienced production staff. This one shows no sign of such treatment. Unless of course those BBC production staff let the ‘Thinkers’ say what they want so that they undermine and discredit themselves to hundreds of thousands of serious listeners..

    Please check out the two links below to recalibrate your sensibilities to the nature of the RCC. It really is a criminal organisation.



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