8 thoughts on “Martin Wroe, Writer, Journalist, and oh yes incidentally, Assistant Vicar of St Luke’s Church, Islington

  1. Striking chutzpah from the normally vanilla Wroe. This Old Testament, Marty, this “Book of Nature?” This would be the one where your IMF threw a monumental tantrum, because he didn’t like being ignored, and drowned the whole world, would it? Or were you referring to another book?


  2. Posted early by accident. cont. Oh sorry. That early act of terrorism was only an “extreme weather event” wasn’t it? I don’t think you’ve even fooled yourself.


  3. The story of Noah and his Ark is just that, a story. Not only is it based on an earlier piece but it could not possibly have happened in the way that it was described. Referring to it in relation to anything in the real world is rather childish really.


  4. A tacit admission, near the end, that the BBoMS is completely inadequate as a guide for living? Setting aside the cringeworthy terminology (“the Bible of Nature”, if you please), it is a fact that the only way we can hope to understand what is going on in the universe and its constituents, including the Earth, is to study the natural processes that brought them into existence and keep them going. Gods are no help at all; indeed, they just get in the way.


  5. Well, that was a first for me, that bit about the ‘earliest Christian writers’ being aware that there were TWO Bibles, the first one (“Bible of Nature” – eugh!) being written ‘billions of years earlier.’

    No, sorry Mr Wroe, that simply isn’t true, it’s a figment of your imagination, and I suspect you made it up yourself to mask the (to everyone else) obvious inadequacies of your BBOMS when it comes to explaining anything to do with the beginning of the universe, formation of the solar system, and origins of life. There is absolutely no way that you are going to claim any of that for your ‘early Christian writers,’ most of whom were fighting with each other in arguments about how old the world was – based on the BBOMS – and coming up with…. yes, around 6,000 years (some have even ascribed a day and date to the event). They didn’t have a concept of ‘billions of years,’ (hence the dismissal, even today, by rabid Bible-bashers in the US of any archaeological evidence for the dinosaurs.

    And b.t.w., ‘we’ do not all take water for granted; indeed many of ‘us’ employ measures in and around our homes to conserve water wherever possible.


  6. I suggest today’s non thinker has a read of Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. It may be the enema needed to empty Wroe’s mind of the biblical effluent with which it is constipated.


  7. If Wroe lived thousands of years ago in the middle-east, he’d be one of those ‘inspired’ to write down their fantasies & free-form musings which would eventually end up in a Big Book of Magic Stuff. (And, in case it’s not clear to Wroe, that is not a compliment).


  8. P.S. Wroe (with his “Bible of Nature”) rather gave the game away when he referred to Noah and the ‘flood’ as “the original extreme weather event.” No mention of the ice ages in the “Bible of Nature” then? Or any other ‘extreme events’ that formed mountains and oceans?

    Thought not.


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