13 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Apparently Boris is the first baptised Catholic to become PM, due to the law that says no Catholic can advise on appointments to the CofE.

    That may seem like an anachronism today, until you read this quote from Jacob Rees-Mogg, “I take my whip from the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church rather than the Whip’s Office.”


    1. Interesting quote from Rees-Mogg. So we have someone in government who is explicit that he takes orders from the head of another state….


  2. And could an atheist not have wittered on about the Greeks in similar style? Were the insights offered to us today solely the province of the religious? Yet again this was not a ‘thought’ from a religious perspective.


  3. And of course, if you want to see a surviving example of Aquinas’ acetism in practice, look no further than Vatican City.


  4. “I take my whip from the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church rather than the Whip’s Office.” Contained in that statement is the core of the real objective of the Roman Catholic Church which is to rule the world using coercion and concordat to render countries and states as puppets to vatican control.

    This ambition has been resisted for years and isnt it ironic that after centuries of deadly violent conflict, political intrigue and corruption the whole plan has failed because the sexual predation of children by its paedophile priests has left its moral authority in tatters.


    1. Not many are better than Fraser at sneering. And isn’t sneering firmly the in domain of those who are hopelessly pushing back at an argument they have long since lost but are too arrogant and foolishly invested to acknowledge. Like most theologians and apologists who find themselves defending the non existent, Fraser cannot give it up for fear of looking like an unemployed and henceforth unemployable chump.

      And to answer the question raised by Fraser … “why then has the philosopher John Gray written a book called “Seven types of Atheism“?”.
      The simple answer is to make a living. Half the battle in selling a book is to come up with a catchy title. As far as I am concerned there is only one kind of atheist and that is the person who cannot believe in god because there is absolutely no evidence that there is one. Provide concrete testable irrefutable evidence for one and the atheist will have to believe. Good luck with that.


  5. The reason that Britain opted centuries ago for a Protestant succession was parliamentary sovereignty. Hence all the boo-hah over Charles I and James II and VII. It was the fear of interference from Rome. Hence, also, all the caveats at the time of the RC emancipation. Now, Reece-Mogg is proud and happy to throw his Papist cards on the table – but I suspect he is not alone amongst MPs. It probably all amounts to nothing, but at the same time it is worrying. To quote Count Arthur Strong, “It’s the thin end of the iceberg.”

    As for Pepinster, she was having a Teresa May moment this morning – and I could even visualise the letters dropping off the wall behind her as she coughed and spluttered her way to the end. This amounted to (a) happiness isn’t what YOU think it is, and (b) we owe it all to the Greeks.

    As pointed out above, there was no wrestling with a news story (or person in the news) from a faith perspective – no matter how many times she mentioned Thos. Aquinas – who, as we know, is such a popular bedside read.

    Cluttered, shapeless, and poorly delivered (even aside from the coughing).


  6. OT – Mercy Bus Takes To The Road Again

    “The Friends of Divine Mercy Scotland (FODMS) are taking the Mercy Bus back out on the road for the third year this summer… …To date they have touched over 2,000 people on the streets of Scotland”

    This is a press release from the Scottish Catholic Media Office. You’d think the media office would be a bit more wary in their choice of words.


  7. Some great comments above. I don’t want to take up space by getting involved in all the themes; but I would just observe that the Pepperminister is very selective about the Greeks she chooses to patronise. Aristotle and Plato are OK, because some of their writings can be made to fit in with Catholic dogma. The scientists like Anaximander and Democritus, the Epicureans…all their texts are pretty well lost to us now, because they worked with reason, evidence and scepticism, and thought the gods irrelevant to what was really happening here on earth. We know that Democritus wrote over 100 books, because we have the titles, but none of the original texts. And guess who had a major hand in ensuring that they weren’t preserved…


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