Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

Alan Turing killed himself because he was prosecuted for being gay.

Thankfully we now live in more enlightened times where the worldwide Christian Church no longer persecutes gays, deprives them of their rights, or encourages governments to incarcerate or even execute them.


14 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. On the plus side, she did keep to the remit, but what a mess. A complete failure to acknowledge her church’s role in the persecution ,as a bulwark of the country’s morals. No mention of how , as far as it has changed, that church has had to be dragged by secular progress which it has opposed every step of the way.

    Her God bit really was laughable. She acknowledges that Turing’s view of a world about to change was based on a rational application of his idea that scientists were discovering extrinsic mathematical patterns in nature. She likens this evidence-based view to a piece of unrealised wishful thinking from 2000 years ago. Your timescales and Turing’s seem to be rather at odds,Angela,to put it mildly.


  2. Who knows how much more advanced we would be today if Turing had not been hounded to suicide by institutionalised homophobics and the criminal stigma of being a homosexual. And lets not forget that even in these much more enlightened times that men and boys still commit suicide and are even executed, often by whipped up slavering hysterical blood lusting mobs of thugs, because of the rampant homophobia and prejudices spewed out by religious fanatics.

    And Tilby is not honest enough to admit that her church is in the vangaurd of those who condemn homosexuality and would, if it could, reinstate homosexuallity it as a crime worthy of severe punishment whilst protecting its own homosexual priests from civil authorities. This from a church that regards children, by right, as sex slaves for its peadophile priests and defends them from prosecution by civil authorities at any cost.

    Had the church not condemned homosexuals then Turing would have gone onto much greater things. And the world would have been a richer and better place. And safer too because the stigma of homosexuality would not be available as a tool for blackmail. How many of the Cambridge Five and their associates in the British military, civil, intelligence and government circles were forced into lives of treason and betrayal by the threat of outing their homosexuality.

    Tilby is nothing better than a mouthpiece for an organisation stripped naked of any shred of moral authority and can fairly considered to be an international crime ring. Name the crime and the RCC has commited it. And yet the BBC still chooses to be a conduit for RCC propaganda. Shameful.

    Its high time Professor Alice Roberts was given 3 minutes access to the TFTD microphone.


  3. “Who is to condemn?” said ‘St Paul.’ Well, him (or whoever wrote words attributed to him). ‘Paul ‘ and his epistles, provide all the NT ammunition against LGBT people, and the number of people persecuted owing to these pronouncements is probably incalculable. Add to that all the cr*p from Leviticus etc and no one should be left in any doubt why Alan Turing was so persecuted.

    This was hypocrisy at a shocking level.

    I’m pleased Turing is on a bank note, but it should have been the new twenty – so that his image was unmissable day by day, and a continuing rebuke to all the Neanderthal haters and bigots. Who can tell what more he might have contributed from his exceptional mind, had he not been driven to take his own life?


  4. More shameless, revisionist, post hoc, whitewashing, hypocritical, apologist drivel. Angela, which fcuking planet are you actually on?

    Is it just me, or does it seem that our esteemed TftD speakers have hit a particular nadir this week.

    We’ve had everything from relatively innocuous happy-clappy, vacuous flim-flam amounting to literally nothing, through exasperating angels-on-pinheads theological babble that amounts to literally less than nothing, to wild and crass false equivalences (from someone who at least engages with his critics), to the likes of today, claiming credit for remarkable achievements by humans by proxy on behalf of the very deity who exhorts capital punishment against those humans.

    This wouldn’t be so bad on a peak-time tax-payer-funded broadcast if it provided a facility for scrutiny – but it does not. The professionally pious want to retain that cosy status quo; the reason mainly being that they know the game is up – for them and the sort of bullsh!!t that they’ve been peddling this week in particular.

    Nothing is likely to change – they have too much to lose.


  5. Good comments all. Just to note that a self-described ‘Christian’ is yet again quoting St Paul in preference to Christ. They have virtually disowned the Old Testament (Which makes up the bulk of The Bible) and now even Jesus gets rarely a mention. It seems it’s all about St Paul these days, for the mealy mouthed hoping to occupy the centre ground at least.


  6. I’d like to hear Tilby discuss how her fellow CofE members use the same BBoMS to deny & damn Turing’s sexuality.
    She could also mention how the CofE is unable to take a stance in favour of homosexuality & equal rights – this is a shocking situation but they’re hamstrung by the threat of such a stance destroying the rotten Church.
    Today, she expressed her humanity & decency by supporting Alan Turing but she’s on TFTD as a representative of the CofE, an organisation which can’t fully back what she’s said today.


  7. Isn’t the fact that there is no cross examination or right to reply on TftD an admission that the religious perspective is incapable of standing up to any kind of critical scrutiny?


  8. “Today, she expressed her humanity & decency by supporting Alan Turing but she’s on TFTD as a representative of the CofE, an organisation which can’t fully back what she’s said today.”

    In a sense , that only makes it worse. She’s presenting herself a the reasonable mouthpiece of an organisation more concerned with maintaining its international reach than having anything resembling principles as part of that reach. People like Tilby give a false impression to the majority of Today listeners who are only half-listening, and just aren’t interested enough to look beyond the bland image Tilby & co project. .How aware Tilby herself is of this is open to debate. Like the bulk of her listeners,I doubt if she’s ever thought it through in any detail.


  9. @ Graham ” Just to note that a self-described ‘Christian’ is yet again quoting St Paul in preference to Christ. They have virtually disowned the Old Testament (Which makes up the bulk of The Bible) and now even Jesus gets rarely a mention.”

    If you really want to wind up a right-wing American, just point out the socialist message of the Sermon on the Mount and the creed of the Apostles, and stand back as their head explodes.


  10. It seems to be a fact that the Tilbys of this world take their moral guidance from the secular world and not from their church. This has been the case for a very long time. I vaguely recall a quote to this effect, possibly Mark Twain or Bob Ingersoll which would date it as quite a while ago.


  11. Very late to the game today; hear hear to all the comments above. Angela Tilby’s equivalence between Turing’s careful, evidence-based forecasts and ‘Paul’s’ eschatological ravings is beyond ridiculous. Her failure to acknowledge her church’s role in endorsing the criminalisation of homosexuality, and in effect condemning Turing to death, is beyond offensive.


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