Dr Krish Kandiah

Britain needs a statesman of the stature of Nelson Mandela. We’re going to get Boris Johnson.

So says St. John’s Gospel.


8 thoughts on “Dr Krish Kandiah

  1. Spoken as if addressed to a class of eight year olds. No specific news story no God bit. The Mandela quote falls apart on superficial analysis. Anyone ruled by their hopes and ignoring their fears would be criminally reckless ,if not suicidal and homicidal .” I couldn’t see round the bend. I feared there was a car coming the other way, but I hoped there wasn’t and chose to overtake.”

    He’s right though,about us tending to favour negatives.The late Hans Rosling wrote a book all about it. I was reminded of it last week when I read that , for all its political problems and ethnic divisions, over 40 Indians per minute are leaving extreme poverty.Unlike Rosling, there was no hint, even allowing for the brevity of the slot, as to why this negativity might be. And certainly nothing on how that fear and disproportionate loss aversion might in part account for the continuation of religious belief.


  2. Krish’s IMF designed/invented/discovered ‘love’ and bestowed it upon its sheep… without realising that ‘love’ leads to worry & fear & negative thoughts (& even hate).
    Maybe the IMF should have thought it through before inspiring Krish to tell us that we shouldn’t be fearful.
    D’oh!, saith the Lord.


  3. This is the limit I think. That the BBC prefers to give unchallenged air time to a person like this whilst excluding people of real gravity is beyond reason.
    If you knew in adavance that todays TFTD ”thinker” was going to be Krish Kandiah then you could predict with ease that todays “thought” would be lamentable even in comparison to the usual awful content.

    Krish Kandiah is simply a gulliable air head. If you want to see for yourself the kind of person the BBC selects to speak mid way through their flagship current affairs programme, for the sole reason of holding unassailable belief in a fantastically and demonstably crass dogma, then take a look at this.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NwIPa5Nmxc at 10.27 and 32.06 and 52.04.

    The producers of Big Questions do have a knack of gathering people together from the extreme ends, as Basil Fawlty put it, evolutionary scale. No wonder Prof Dawkins had a stroke after dealing with these folk.

    And guess what. He is the founding director of a charity Home for Good and no doubt thats from where he draws his salary. If you cant get a job and are a shameless charlatan assert an unshakeable faith in god an set up a charity.

    Deeply uncharitable and ad hominem I know. But I am not sorry because sometimes people like Kandiah make me do it.

    I may be wrong … you judge.


  4. As AndyM says, there was absolutely zilch religious perspective here. Kandiah just spoke his (weak, dull) piece and added a verse or two from a New Testament epistle – but only because the words seemed to endorse what he had to say. This sort of presentation does NOT offer any theological argument, justification, apology, or indeed perspective. Even without the scriptural quote, as a ‘secular’ observation it was unworthy of its prime time slot. Very poor stuff indeed.


  5. Gosh that was boring. Just one long cliche about hope and fear. And it’s not as if the warm fuzzy Christianity he peddles has been the default option, even recently: I’m sure quite a lot of people here can recall being told they must fear God and obey his commandments, or else.

    I also endorse AndyM’s response: if you go through life in a haze of hope and little else, you’re in for a few big surprises.


    1. Yes I have been there and looked at a lot of other stuff that pops up when he is googled.
      He does seem to have generous and caring motives. But I remain unconvinced about that. His good works appear to be the camouflage for a career in self promotion and monetary reward.
      And some of his stuff makes my toes curl up until they cramp up.
      Like this one … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GaHPrbV2N4
      Be warned, you may need a bucket in which to wretch up.
      He has written a number of books but none seem to feature in best seller listings.

      If some good comes from his efforts then he deserves a pat on the back but I cannot really get past his crass simple minded warm fuzzy deluded beliefs and that some one in the BBC religion department ranks him as worthy for TFTD whilst disqualifying battalions of wonderful secular people from thoughful commentary on a real current affair issue.


    2. Dr Krish Kandiah is Director of Churches in Mission for the Evangelical Alliance. Previously he has worked as a tutor in theology at Oxford University, a church pastor in London and a missionary in Albania.


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