6 thoughts on “Martin Wroe, Writer, Journalist, and oh yes incidentally, Assistant Vicar of St Luke’s Church, Islington

  1. OK. Which one of you is it?Who’s created the character ,” Marin Wroe,” infilitrated Tftd, and given the ultimate parody of the bland, fatuous “Be Nice” Tftd? Is it you, Moomin?

    What ? He really exists? Well all I can say, Martin, is,” Give up the day job.”


  2. I was reminded of the ingenious Gerrard Hoffnung and his advice for foreign tourists, which included “on entering a railway carriage don’t forget to shake hands with all the occupants.”

    Again, a TFTD based on nothing more than an ‘off the top of the head’ apropos-nothing-at-all dip into Wroe’s barren mind. It almost makes one long for a Gilesean rant – and what has become of the blustering cleric? We’ve not heard from him of late.


  3. Cor, Liverpudlian, that brought back a few memories! Some more of Hoffnung’s helpful pieces of advice come to mind:

    You will oblige your chambermaid by hanging your mattress out of the window each morning.

    Zebra parking places are provided everywhere.

    Al London brothels display a blue lamp.

    Not bad for around 1958! And a lot more fun than Martin Wroe in 2019! And yes, where’s Giles?


    1. That might be where Python got their idea for a malicious Hungarian phrase book, when ” Please tell me.Where is the railway station ” is translated in Hungarian as,”Please fondle my buttocks.”


    2. Yes, yes, such brilliancy. My favourite which I still chuckle over was “Have you tried the famous echo in the reading room of the British Museum?” (A characteristic that is no longer available to modern readers, though a similar phenomenon can still be experienced in the domed Picton Reading Room in Liverpool Central Library).


  4. Desperate stuff indeed. The last-minute bit of Psalms at the end of his talk betrays the rushed nature of this thought-free TFTD.
    If saying ‘good morning’ is so simple, why doesn’t Wroe’s IMF do it? Isn’t is possible/obligatory for an omnipotent entity to obey the basics of common civility & politeness?


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