9 thoughts on “Mindbogglingly Reverend Doctor David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

  1. I love Ascension Day. Wheeee!!!! Liverpudlian was saying the other day what an awful plot device the resurrection was. Todayis its culmination, showing that it left the writers with the problem of having to kill off the main character once again, resorting to desperate measures.


  2. What about the Easter zombie uprising, where did they all go? Maybe they are all still alive so that they can witness the second coming.


  3. JC’s trampoline must’ve been more powerful than he knew – he boinged upwards and hasn’t been seen again. So much for omniscience & keeping yer promises.


  4. It’s one of the high (geddit?) spots of the church year when that picture comes round again!

    Once again, we have a TftD speaker pontificating about the qualities that the next Prime Minister ought to have. (And once again ‘humility’ is one of them). Not to be outdone in sheer silliness, one of the candidates for PM thinks that Brexit should be sorted out by a citizens’ assembly chaired by…the AB of Cant! Kiss of death or what? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/conservative-leader-rory-stewart-brexit-citizens-assembly-archbishop-canterbury-a8933741.html

    ‘The Acts of the Apostles’ is a misnomer. It should really be called ‘Some Alleged Acts of Three or Four of the Apostles’. Most if not all of it is make-believe, especially the part about ‘Paul’s’ voyages, which is pure fiction. David Walker, however, seems to take it all terribly seriously and literally. That certainly makes one question his judgement about pretty well everything else.


  5. I agree with all the above. It strikes me that it is probably nice more difficult for Xns to claim belief in the Ascension than in the Virgin Birth or the Resurrection. All these nonsenses are acutely embarrassing for the Church, and you need a really thick skin and some mighty chutzpah to claim, in public, with a straight face, that you accept JC’s jet rocket moment as truth. Trouble is, of course, remove any one of these key Jenga blocks and the whole stack crashes. So the faithful are stuck with them.

    Of course, we must be open to the possibility that Jesus is still going, on that same trajectory, now possibly reaching the outer limits of the Galaxy, and with a few zillion light years to go – one of his other thirds is the IMF of all eternity, after all.

    So, few points to the Bish for his PM profile thoughts, but top marks for an accomplished impression of Alan Bennett’s Vicar from TWTWTW. Excellent!


  6. It always comes as a surprise to me that Christian speakers want to draw attention to the absurdity that is ascension day. Will they be in trouble with the faithful if they let the day pass without mentioning it?


  7. My thanks to Liverpudlian. While listening to the bishop, his voice and delivery reminded me of someone but I couldn’t think who. Alan Bennett onTW¬≥ – exactly.


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