Chine McDonald, professional Christian

It’s the End of May. The new leader must not be a strutting peacock like [insert name here]. They must be humble, unlike [insert name here]. They must be team players, not egotists like [insert name here]. Let’s pray for integrity, wisdom and humility, like [insert name here].


6 thoughts on “Chine McDonald, professional Christian

  1. What on earth is this woman blathering about. “The leadership qualities that are celebrated in the new testament …” STOP Stop right there.

    And if leadership is not about strutting peacock like then why does this womans earthly boss wear absurd overdressed ponce like finery?

    And the new leader must not be a rabid christian who activly promotes her christian agenda rather than represent the views of her constituents with respect to such things as the dangerous increase in the number of faith schools.


  2. The best version of Chine’s IMF (i.e. the NT) merely pronounced how we should behave & worship it. Her IMF never did anything to suggest it understood government or democracy or finances (JC leeched off others so how trustworthy would he be in the Exchequer?) or agricultural policy (apart from destroying fig trees). Such awkward matters (where things are rarely black & white) are beyond the remit of a simplistic ‘let’s be nice’ approach to the world.
    At worst, her IMF would simply commit genocide to resolve local issues. Sometimes, though, it was good enough to magically throw food from the heavens or countermand its own order to commit filicide (faint praise, indeed).
    So tell us again, Chine, what leadership qualities can be claimed for your IMF. By comparison, even Boris Johnson would be more useful & less psychopathic.


  3. What qualifications or right does Ms McDonald have to pontificate about the qualities needed to be Prime Minister? This sort of stuff has no greater claim on our attention than the uninformed prejudices of any saloon-bar bore.

    One of the few redeeming features of most of the deadbeats and nonentities who are throwing their hats into the ring in an attempt to become PM is that, unlike May, they don’t seem to set much store by religion, and certainly don’t go on about it. I can’t imagine Michael Gove, say, claiming that his faith in God and in the power of prayer gives him the confidence to trust his gut instincts. Javid is a Muslim but I can’t recall him ever drawing on Islam in the performance of his Ministerial duties. We may still be in danger of a national disaster, but at least it should be a secular one.


      1. Indeed he is; but thankfully he’s not standing. Nor is the devout RC Damien Hinds. Small mercies…


  4. At least anyone running for PM in this country doesn’t need to stress their commitment to a religion. The USA has had a black president and is still to elect a female head of state, which may take some time yet – but there’s not going to be an atheist POTUS any day soon.

    No one in high office is ever perfect, and it becomes a big problem when voters are encouraged to go for the squeaky clean candidate – because there won’t be one, at least not one who also has the guts, gumption, and personal self-belief to carry off an effective tenure. History is full of great leaders with feet of clay; but if they’d been rejected for their shortcomings and peccadilloes at the time then we’d have missed out on some true giants, particularly in political history. Chine’s plea was naive and depressing – and (as ably noted above) completely non scriptural.


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