Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

A Saxon prince has been found in Southend and he was a Catholic.

Which brings me to my main point, isn’t being a Catholic just brilliant! We’re SO tolerant. Other Christians are nearly as good, although not quite. That would be an ecumenical matter.


11 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Tolerance of other religions is something the RCC is pretty cool with, after only 2,000 years of thinking about it. And that, according to Pepinster, is the beginning and the end of tolerance. As long as you’re not out there being mean to other religions, you are as tolerant as it is possible to be.

    The hypocrisy is breathtaking.


  2. “Isn’t Catholicism brilliant? Nowadays, after independently and completely off our own bat having ourselves figured out ourselves how there can be more tolerance between ourselves and all the other wrong and mutually exclusive and mutually blasphemous religions, I, as a woman, can take pride in my church’s stated, biblically-mandated, profoundly catechismic and modern, enlightened position on equality between genders, sexualities, and other wrong and mutually exclusive and mutually blasphemous religions.

    In fact, when it comes to progressive attitudes, we’re trailblazers, as any higher-ranking exclusively male Catholic will tell you, just before he serves you a cracker that is actually, literally the blood and body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Yes, isn’t Catholicism, brilliant?!!”


  3. It is laughable that a representative of the RCC should think it is a great step forward to be able to talk to – even to agree with – Protestants about Jesus’s mum and what’s in the BBoMS. Or to attend an agreeable inter-faith buffet without being obliged to face up to the utterly different concepts that Jews, Christians and Muslims have of their IMF, even though it’s supposed to be the same one.

    Tell you what, Catherine. Come over here so you can have a conversation with people who doubt whether Mary ever existed, and think that grovelling before her image is the sign of a diseased imagination; or with those who consider that 90% of the Bible, including most of the New Testament, was simply made up, in most cases decades or even centuries after the events it purports to describe. That’d be a better test of your new-found virtue of tolerance.


    1. Thanks for that link, AndyM. Good article. The Vatican’s status as permanent observer at the UN was outrageous enough in 1964; it is unconscionable today.


  4. A dreary three-minute diatribe that successfully avoided saying anything about any current major news story; she just bleated on and on about spurious ‘changes’ in hers and other religions – as if anyone wanted to know, and which claims have been ably dismembered above.

    I would have preferred to hear her ‘faith perspective’ on the US upping of tariffs on Chinese goods (just one example off the top of my head), or perhaps the unprecedented achievement of the Premier League teams in the all-English European and Europa League Cup finals. Too hard, eh, Catherine?


      1. Reminds me of the apocryphal Liverpool church slogan “Jesus Saves”, with the added graffito “And St John taps in the rebound”.


  5. The RCC has only ever been tolerant when it was absolutely forced to be. Any place where civilising forces were absent, even temporarily, the RCC instantly reverted to their old ways.


  6. @ Roger and StephenJP – I’ve quoted it before but there was also the Billy Graham campaign poster (he preached in Anfield stadium) which asked ‘What would you do if Jesus came to Liverpool?’ A graffito appeared underneath, ‘Move St John to inside right.’


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