Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

Old Tasty mint profits, Amos, Judea, Israel, food, climate change protesters, Greta Thunberg, Honk Kong Umbrella Protests. Protesters may, or may not, have an Invisible Magic Friend. David Attenborough, Dostoevsky, Oscar Romero, Lyra McKee, all have whatever it is I’m talking about in common.


4 thoughts on “Catherine Pepinster, professional Catholic

  1. Was Pepinster complaining about the length of time taken (38 years) to sanctify Romero? If it were a matter of handing out honours, she may be justified but when it comes to demonstrating magic (that’s real magic, not the pretend stuff on stage) she should be grateful that the RCC has ever ‘found’ (aka taken the trouble to invent) anything to connect a saintly candidate with miracles.


  2. The main message that seemed to dribble out of this one was:

    a. People who make a stand for something are worthy of our admiration.
    b. The Old Testament (sorry, the “Hebrew Bible”) prophets made a stand for something.
    c. Therefore the OT prophets are worthy of our admiration.
    d. Therefore religion is a Good Thing.

    But as the Rev Dr Peter’s summary suggests, she was all over the place. The “point”, if there was one, may have been something else entirely.


  3. I don’t think this is the first time she’s talked about “truth to power.” I wonder if it’s her way of justifying her continued loyalty to the Vatican. They occasionally let her tell them how misogynistic they are. They listen, and don’t change a blind thing. Both sides go away happy, consciences eased. It’s how the church seems to function under Francis. His motto could be, “make all the right noises, but carry on the same.” Beattie shows the same self-deception.


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