Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

And in the Big News today from a Faith Perspective, happy Holy Saturday, where nothing happens, day! It’s just so exciting, I wonder what happens?


9 thoughts on “Rev Dr Rob Marshall, Priest at St John the Evangelist, Welwyn Garden City

  1. As he says, nothing special about today. Christians spend every day waiting for their god to do something and confirm its presence in the world. Never seems to get round to it, does it? It’s so easy to keep putting these things off.


  2. Let’s face it – if Rob’s IMF existed, believers would be unable to consider anything else this weekend. The IMF would be undeniable because it’d be inside our brains & woven into the fabric of reality. But it isn’t.
    Rob’s plea for us to think about the IMF even when it’s doing nothing gives us reason to suspect Rob’s motives – we must keep thinking about Jesus otherwise we might be distracted (“squirrel!”) and lose sight of what we need to keep concentrating on lest the spell be broken.
    It’s as if Jesus disappears when we’re not thinking of him – fancy that.


  3. Odd that in this ‘thought’ – which amounted to little more than ‘doesn’t the digital culture reduce our capacity for patience,’ Marshall should quote Philip Larkin. Larkin’s life was about as far removed from the Christian ideal as it was possible to be; and he was notoriously scathing about religion. Was Rob possibly attempting to ‘rehabilitate’ Larkin for Jesus?

    It seemed a shame to waste today doing nothing, so I have had a very busy and fulfilling time. I wonder just how elated Rob and his fellow believers will really feel tomorrow, after twiddling their thumbs all day today. How much real conviction will there be in those shouts of ‘He is Risen!’? (What, again?)


  4. I had a constructive day today too.

    I spent a few hours this morning doing some jobs on my narrowboat, I chain sawed a couple of trees I felled last week into firewood sized logs ready for splitting next week and inbetween whilst walking through the village I rudely interjected when I heard a late middle aged woman in the village speaking over-loudly to some of her cronies, in earshot of a group of young parents. She said that it is a disgrace that most children she had asked in the village did not know the real meaning of easter and the kids were only interested in chocolate eggs. My interjection was loud and clear and deeply insulting to the woman in question. I simply said “Good. We don’t need children believing silly bible stories do we’. No doubt I will be duly struck off the invitation list for the village OAPs christmas dinner.

    I have had a great day so far. Just off to take the dog for a walk to the pub.


    1. You should have pointed out that the real meaning of Easter is to do with the spring equinox and fertility, hence the eggs and bunny rabbits.


  5. If she knew her history,Harry’s villager would have known eggs have been a symbol of spring and renewal long before some bizarre myth hijacked the season. Then again, Christians and actual history don’t mix well.


  6. It seems pretty likely that the people who built Stonehenge celebrated solstices and equinoxes. Christianity came to Britain in the seventh century, fourteen centuries later I think that it has outstayed its welcome. The chocolate industry is now diversifying into all kinds of Easter merchandise including chocolate dinosaurs, good luck to them I say. It is interesting that children show total ignorance of the Jesus myth considering the vast efforts that the CofE have put into taking over schools for their brainwashing programmes.


  7. @Stonyground, as a Governor of a CofE school, which has to endure all the brainwashing efforts you mention, I can report that the kids are not totally ignorant of the Jesus myth, or any of the other myths. They just don’t believe them. They are not taken in any more. Nor are their parents: the church that gives the school its name is steadily losing active members every year.

    I too am having a rewarding weekend. Mrs SJP and I are spending it in Salisbury, which is an interesting place (and, so far, no novichok to be seen anywhere). We spent a couple of hours in the cathedral today, which is indeed a truly stunning building. There were a number of notices around, asking visitors to be quiet because “worship is taking place”. Not for the first time, it struck me how absurd and demeaning to human dignity the whole idea of ‘worship’ really is. Especially since it seemed to consist of a few people kneeling down and staring at the altar in silence, plus a priest delivering a three-minute homily that was well up to the usual standards of TftD.

    Old Sarum was OK as well. No worshipping to be seen at all. Just lots of people enjoying the sunshine.


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