Fantastically Reverend Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London

There’s a lot of knife crime in London. By a remarkable coincidence, it just happens to be Good Friday today, when Jesus temporarily sacrificed himself to himself to save us from himself. Since that happened we’ve all been saved, which makes all the current knife crime really puzzling.


9 thoughts on “Fantastically Reverend Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London

    1. It’s always good to be reminded that the presenters on TFTD are considered to be the more liberal, progressive, rational representatives of their respective sects, and that the vast majority of their co-religionists are even wackier.


  1. You can almost guarantee the mask will slip for “Good Friday” on TFTD and the Bishop duly obliged.

    The barminess, the crassness and the bogus dolefulness all present and correct.

    And there’ll be more of the same tomorrow no doubt.


  2. All I could picture was Ms Mullally as a latter-day Mme Lafarge, or a gloomy black vulture. She freely admitted she felt helpless – but never questioned what her IMF might do to relieve suffering or alter the course of someone’s suffering or doom. I wonder why that should be….?

    Poor stuff indeed. I’m taking the dog to the park now, and will enjoy seeing and meeting all those people for whom today is a holiday, and will be taking advantage of the opportunity to really feel ALIVE today.


  3. “The barminess, the crassness and the bogus dolefulness all present and correct.”

    Ah well, only a couple of days to go until she can be happy because the visible bit of the IMF has recovered from the temporary inconvenience of being dead, and has come back to ‘save’ us all (with no doubt the same observable consequences as on the previous 1900-and-something times he’s pulled this party trick).

    Then they can all go back to hand-wringing over Notre Dame, or whatever else comes along to occupy their attention.


  4. Well at least we have got trampoline Jesus day to look forward to in about forty days time. It is great fun when a platituder tries to get to grips with the “mystery” of ascension day while trying desperately not to sound like a nut job.


  5. It’s all play-acting. On Good Friday, Christians have to make themselves be sorrowful, pretending to watch helplessly as they imagine their hero suffering and dying. On Saturday, they have to make themselves feel numb and lost, pretending that they don’t know what’s going to happen next. On Easter Sunday, they have to make themselves be happy and joyful, pretending they can imagine that their hero magically came back to life again.

    Funny that the earliest Christian texts, in the six or seven ‘genuine ‘ epistles attributed to ‘Paul’, have none of this mythologised pseudo-history at all. Christians react with blank astonishment if one points this out. Of course most Christians never read most of their holy book, and wouldn’t understand it if they did.


  6. Thanks for the link, Declan. I had a bit of a search to see what Utley might have said about the Grenfell Tower fire, but nothing came up. I doubt she would have got so exercised over that tragedy, however, and the 72 deaths. The Grenfell residents were a community of real people, a mixture of races and backgrounds, some of whom held to a faith, often a faith different from that of their neighbour. Much harder to talk about her IMF in these circumstances – too many awkward questions to answer. Yes, Ms Utley, you stick to your pompous outrage over the world’s generally not giving a toss about your nasty, poisonous Church and potty beliefs. That’s far easier than sympathising with the destruction of genuine human lives and homes.

    Actually, her attack put me in mind of some old nuns of Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre. I read an interview in which they recalled praying that the Basilica should be spared when Paris was bombed. It was – apart from broken windows. But they didn’t give a thought to the houses roundabout that did get bombed, nor of the lives lost in the air raid.


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