Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

The Prodigal Son, is exactly the same as children being forced to join ISIS, apart from all the obvious differences.

This, in turn, is the same as Jesus temporarily dying, apart from all the obvious differences.

My point is clear.


11 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. “My point is clear” indeed Rev Peter. What a hot mess.

    The Prodigal Son story is a weird one in its own right [what with there being two sons, one of whom stayed at home and worked on the farm in contrast to his self-indulgent brother] and would take more than three minutes to unpack properly. What was this woman thinking? Was she thinking?


  2. I suppose it was an achievement to quote someone who sounds even more away with the fairies than she does. Karl Bardt apparently wrote something called the “Barmen Declaration.” I’m not surprised . He sounds as if he was well acquainted with that profession.


  3. With an always increasing number of self-professed Christians admitting that the central story of their “Holy Week” isn’t literally true, Tilby is only going to sound exponentially more barmy every time she reverentially refers to it as if it actually happened. It’s sad, really – she’s an otherwise educated adult so it’s time to concede the game has long been up.


  4. Are the BBC TFTD editorial / production staff actually real or are they a mythical construction just like Tilby’s god.
    Both are conspicuously absent. Todays ‘thought’ from Tilby was unworthy of anyone gifted 3 minutes of unchallenged airtime on a serious flagship current affairs programme.

    I can assure you that John Humphrys gets briefed on what he can and cannot say by the Today programme producer / editor. And I can assure you he does get a ticking off sometimes for overstepping the mark. But Tilby and her ‘co-thinkers’ are unfettered by any such moderation or by any sensitivity to their own limitations as providers of morality and guidance.


  5. “The heartwarming story of the Australian grannie finding her grandchildren in Syria is exactly like the parable of the Prodigal Son; except of course that the latter left home of his own accord whereas the children were taken by their parents; the PS’s father stayed at home whereas the grannie went searching; and the children’s father was dead so the whole point of the PS’s father being merciful because that’s how the IMF treats us sinners is lost. And there are some reports that the children don’t particularly want to go back to Oz anyway. Otherwise, exactly the same”.

    Matt2112 says that Tilby is an otherwise educated adult. Sometimes I’m not so sure.


  6. I’m getting really irritated by people like Tilby and her co-religionists who insist that ‘we’ are all lost, or have strayed. Only by accepting her glib premise does any of her ‘thought’ today make sense.

    I have news for you, Angela. The world is imperfect; society, families and individuals are imperfect. Often it is the imperfections that make people and life more interesting. I for one feel absolutely no need to be ‘brought back into the fold,’ or ‘saved,’ and I suspect I’m far from alone. Angela needs to peep over the parapet of her delusional cocoon and accept that life, the universe and everything are not – nor ever will be – like ‘the Kingdom of God’ that she has professionally promoted for so long.


  7. Imagine a secular speaker saying “…that image… is a window into the nature of human love” – this is a perfectly reasonable, meaningful sentence of a concept most of us will recognise.
    But Tilby, being contractually obliged to insert unnecessary & magical guff, confuses a nice expression by plonking “divine” into the mix.
    It’s most irritating when we aren’t allowed to be simply human because some believe ethereal thinking improves society & our understanding of reality when it does the complete opposite.


  8. I’m reminded of the internet meme where Jesus is knocking on the door of a house saying, “Let me in”

    A speech bubble from inside the house says, “Why?”

    “So you can be saved”

    “From what?”

    “From what I’m going to do to you if you don’t let me in”.

    As Hitchens so memorably said, “…created sick, and commanded to be well”.

    We’re not buying your damnable doctrines anymore, Angela.


  9. I’m sure I’ve posted this before; but one of the earliest expressions of that thought was by Fulke Greville (Baron Brooke, 1554-1628):

    “O wearisome condition of humanity! 
    Born under one law, to another bound; 
    Vainly begot and yet forbidden vanity; 
    Created sick, commanded to be sound”.

    I’m not sure whether he dared to publish such verses in his lifetime; but it was a pretty radical thought for its time.


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