6 thoughts on “The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

  1. A TftD so unremarkable that not even Rev Hearty’s regulars can be bothered to comment.

    Of much more interest was John Humphrys’ grilling of Sentamu later in the programme. He’s now being credited with saying that people should donate to worthy ‘people’ charities as well as giving to the buildings appeal, but he only said this because Humphrys had him up against the ropes and forced him to go beyond the inane platitudes he’d prepared.


    1. I missed it first time round, and have only just caught up. I wish I hadn’t bothered.

      But I did catch the Sentamu interview, and was amused at the way John Humphrys gently and politely put him on the spot. The Archbish went on about saying prayers for Notre Dame, so Humphrys asked him several times “What are you actually praying for? What do you want God to do?” Coherent answer came there none. And, as you point out, Graham, he clearly hadn’t thought beyond the view that the vast sums being pledged for the rebuilding were obviously justified. Always fun to hear a senior cleric reduced to flannelling!


  2. My strange idea of fun is to read the story of the ten plagues and count the continuity errors. Culminating in the Egyptian army setting off after the Israelites on chariots. Since the Egyptians’ livestock had all been killed several times I’m left wondering what they used to pull the chariots. Maybe they used frogs, I believe that they had plenty of those.


  3. Well, I’ve nothing to add to the nothing presented to us this morning.
    I’ve been away for a few days in Seville, Spain. My trip coincided with the crazy processions marking holy week where hooded KKK-wannabes accompany (along with marching bands) ‘floats’ of various NT tableaux. The locals dress in their Sunday best & clap whenever the passing scenes stop or start. The hoods are worrying (though I bought a souvenir fridge magnet) but wearers are simply sinners – this may be OK for adults but kids are encouraged to follow their elders which I found nasty. Online photos can be viewed here https://sevilla.abc.es/sevilla/semana-santa/sevi-imagenes-esteban-abre-paso-302314582480-20190416184114_galeria.html


  4. I thought Mirvis’ piece was offensive. His clear implication was that the Egyptian civilisation – one of the greatest that ever existed – failed because all they did was make big monuments, and there was no ‘moral code’ to pass down the generations. This is of course nonsense. He further hinted, as a corollary, that his ‘faith’ was a faith of the people and a faith of the book, and didn’t need big monuments. He omitted to mention that the Israelites were just a tiny tribe amongst many other tiny tribes feuding over territory in the Middle East. The so-called Egyptian Captivity (and subsequent Exodus) is a fiction, and any acceptable moral tenets (which are far outweighed by all the weird and frankly obscene practices of the ancient Israelites) are no different from those of other tribes and civilisations down the ages. As stated above, this was just another ‘there’s a Big Jewish Festival coming up’ moment, with no reflection ‘from a faith perspective’ on anything in the news. Plus some gratuitous swipes at the Ancient Egyptians.


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