Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

Sexism at the BMA. Tut, tut. Disgraceful.

The Big Book of Magic Stuff has always made it clear that women are every bit the equal of men. And the Church has always condemned making women second class citizens. It’s about time the rest of society caught up with the progressive, forward looking attitude of Christianity.


7 thoughts on “Ex-Rev Canon Angela Tilby, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

  1. “The word ‘Banter’ definitely means hurtful, malicious and discriminatory comments, in whatever context, at any time, anywhere, without exception. I think this because it says so in my Big Book of Magic Stuff.

    So, for example, when a bunch of lifelong friends meet up for a few drinks, verbally tear shreds off each other, often making fun of any kind of shortcoming, constantly calling each other c-words, tw@t, effing w@anker and all the rest, then no matter in what spirit this is given or taken it clearly falls under ‘banter’, which my BBoMS strictly forbids.

    Therefore: don’t do it, because it’s wrong – my BBoMS says so, therefore so do I”.


  2. If she thinks snide comments and sneering are always wrong, I think she needs to have a word with Giles Fraser( and one or two of her bishops when the TftD privilege is challenged.)


  3. “Young women couldn’t get into lifts with men without being eyed up and brushed against. Stray male hands casually cupped female bottoms, male sniggers punctuated office conversations with speculation of the colour of womens underwear or their bra size.”

    Now that is rather sexist and an exageration to boot. Not all men behaved in that way Angela. Many did lamentably but many did not. Some men, especially those humbly doing the work of the lord actually direct their sexual energies to the raping of children. One analysis concluded 7% of catholic priests in Australia are guilty of child rape.

    Anyway, I heard that the male appreciation of the female form is a god given gift. Is it not?*

    Women too have a hot sexual appreciation of the male. Surely that is something you have noticed Angela. Women have a deeply embedded urge to grapple with their chosen beau with some notching up prodigious scores leaping from fancy to fancy as a frog between lily pads. And ribaldry is not the exclusive domain of the male. Go and experience the antics that go on at a typical girls night out. I fear to venture near such company.

    So direct your sexist criticism along the correct compass bearing. You will find, as if you didnt know it already, that mysogeny is deeply rooted in your church to this very day. Mysogengy is rife in your good book too.

    And in case you don’t know it Angela the colour of womens underwear and bra size is still a hot topic between men just as is enthusiastic female discourse in the ladies facilities about nice arses and penile dimensions. Have you never wondered why women go to the ladies in groups?

    *Actually it is not. Its an evolved behaviour …and it is is the driving force behind procreation and evolution.


  4. Another TftD without much by way of faith-based content, unless you count the glancing reference to Jeremiah, who can hardly be regarded as a world expert on humour (or on anything else, for that matter).

    As AndyM and Terry point out, Angela is skating on pretty thin ice if she thinks that goddy people don’t do snide and sarky. Actually, since she mentioned Monty Python and the 70s, I wondered if she was gearing up to say that we shouldn’t say snide or sarky things about religion either. Maybe she had second thoughts.


  5. If, sexually, I don’t impose myself on another & don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable, am I doing anything wrong according to The Emeritus One?
    Perhaps not but there’s always the daft/sinister element of ‘thought crime’ which her IMF seems particularly keen on.
    I can’t even think of [insert name of nearly any female TV presenter from 1970s & 80s here] without sinning!


  6. I was somewhat taken aback by Angela’s assertion that we should on no account laugh at anyone. Mocking people can indeed be cruel, particularly if they are vulnerable and/or are being laughed at perhaps because of some physical defect they cannot help. There is an argument that says it is OK to laugh with someone, but not at them, but the distinction isn’t always that obvious, and the line between them can be blurred. And don’t some people – for example comedians – want to be laughed at? For a stand-up comedian to hear not a titter from the audience is just as humiliating as hearing laughter would be to someone else trying to be serious.

    In Shakespeare, there are two kinds of comedians, the Fool and the Clown. The Fool is a wise Fool, because he (it is usually a he) is there to point out in an oblique way the weaknesses and foibles of a powerful person. In King Lear the fool can see the folly and delusion of the King trying to retain his power after he has given up the running of his kingdom to his children. The Fool is tolerated – just – but if he oversteps himself, he is threatened with whipping. The Clown on the other hand is a real simpleton, usually in a state of confusion, and indulges in physical antics and knock-about humour.

    Sometimes humour and mockery and laughter are the only weapons the oppressed have to get back at their oppressors. Why shouldn’t the zealot with his silly beard, the sanctimonious priest dressed up like a pantomime dame, the pompous politician and those who abuse their power not be laughed at? Charlie Chaplin mocked Hitler for his ridiculous posturing. Was that trivialising evil, or was it a good thing to burst the vainglorious dictator’s bubble of pomposity and self-delusion in order to cut him down to size?


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