6 thoughts on “Brian Draper, in Southampton, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

  1. What the hell does “spiritually whole” mean ? If your chronic pain leads to despair and depression, rather than to conning yourself that it’s all part of an imaginary being’s incomprehensible plan,does seeing your reality for what it is mean you’re less than whole?

    Smug, patronising garbage that might go down well at his laughably named institute,but a more discerning audience need something a little more plausible.


    1. Yes, AndyM, his fellow Contemporaries would be nodding sagely along with their Brian. The rest of us struggle when he steps outside the bounds of reality.
      This TFTD was bland but at least it contained his ‘faith perspective’ on a current news item. Faint praise indeed.


  2. @AndyM – Completely agree.

    Turning to Draper’s IMF for reassurance, comfort, hope ‘spiritual wholeness’ etc. after the same IMF has failed to prevent the death of (or worse, in its ineffable wisdom ordained the death of) a child, is weirder than Munchausen Syndrome.


  3. @liverpudlian I thought Munchausen worked in that sentence – if it was by proxy. A classic way for their IMF to get attention for itself.


  4. Mrs SJP and I spent Saturday visiting one daughter (and granddaughter) and watching Harlequins Ladies beat Gloucester-Hartpury Ladies; and most of today with another daughter (and two other grandchildren); so I am very late to this game. Well said all above.

    But Brian’s thought is incoherent. If this lady’s abnormal sense of anaesthesia is a good thing, it should be evolutionarily favoured, and we should all have it. It isn’t, and we don’t. So the interesting question is why. Getting physical pain mixed up with emotional anxiety and/or depression just muddies the waters. Bringing an IMF into the equation muddies them even more. If I was in serious physical or mental turmoil, which thankfully I am not, I don’t think Brian’s homily would make me feel at all better.

    Enough. Bedtime.


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