8 thoughts on “Robert Beckford, Professor of Theology and Culture in the African Diaspora, Canterbury Christ Church University

  1. I can’t bring myself to listen to this again … sorry. Was there a faith element in there or was this purely political agitation.

    And was he suggesting that the Met actually restrict the numbers of non white members as policy. I don’t actually know that they do or do not but I think it would be pretty straightforward to check the data and come armed with facts rather than an assertion that the Met is a racist organisation.

    But then can I really expect a professor of theology to deal in hard data rather than dealing in unproven assertions cooked up for the very purpose of creating dissent? I’m not saying the Met is or is not deliberatly imbalanced. I am just asking for an evidence based argument with facts and data.

    And therein lies the problem with all religions … they are simply not based upon facts. The best I can say about Beckfords effort today is that it exposes the weakness of religious beliefs. That they are the morphed and schismatic confections of unbelievable claims. But Beckford could redeem himself about his Met claim by producting the data to back up his assertion and I urge him to do so. And if he can I urge him to give me the evidence for his god too. The first request should be easy. Just set it as an assignment for one of his students. No one has ever succeeded in the second request so I am not on waithing on tenterhooks for that feedback.


  2. Precisely nailed by Jim. And to save you having to listen again, Jim, you were quite correct – there was no readily identifiable view ‘from a faith perspective.’

    He did, however, also touch on slavery but failed to mention that whilst there were some prominent clergymen in the movement to end the slave trade and slavery itself, there were plenty more firmly opposed. Many of these latter had huge vested interests in commerce based on slavery in the Caribbean. What is more galling is that these men receive vast sums in ‘compensation’ for their sequestered ‘property’ when slaves were freed. What compensation did the slaves personally receive? I think we all know the answer.

    I’m also curious why Beckford didn’t address racial prejudice, discrimination and imbalance in his own church. Perhaps too close to home; better to divert attention to another institution.


  3. A typically confused offering from Mr Beckford. At one point he implied that Macpherson had recommended a “zero tolerance” policy towards racial diversity in the Met, which can’t be what he meant. And, as Liverpudlian points out, he gave us only half the story. (I think I read somewhere that the third-biggest sum of compensation to slave-owners went to the Diocese of Exeter).

    It would also help if Beckford didn’t deliver his scripts as if he was talking to a class of inattentive nine-year-olds. Even his students at Canterbury Christ Church Uni can’t be that thick.


  4. A short muse.
    Apologist. … blah blah blah blah blah blah blah ……………………………………. blah blah blah……………….blah blah therefore god.
    Atheist. Sorry to say so but that was totally confusing.
    Apologist. Thank you very much.


  5. How long did it take for Beckwith’s church to stop discrimination based on gender and sexuality? Has it actually stopped?


  6. I think that typos have become much more fun now that your phone puts a bizarre alternative word in place of the one that you misspelled.


  7. Must we wait 100 years before Beckford celebrates non-black people from “the African Diaspora”?
    Have the lives & achievements of, say, white South Africans or Asian Ugandans been of no importance?
    PS Sam Sharpe was executed for his part in the slave rebellion, a detail omitted by Beckford (maybe adding ‘posthumously’ to “Sharpe won the argument” might sound less impressive).


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